Finger Injuries in Sport

At Performance Edge Physiotherapy we treat a wide range of sporting injuries. Many people
who play tagging and touch football sports such as Oztag, League Tag, Touch Football, Tag
20 and Tag Rugby sustain hand and finger injuries. Fingers can get injured when reaching for
a tag or trying to touch a player in the unpredictable environment of the game. Finger
injuries also commonly happen when colliding with a ball and can happen in other sports
like Rugby, AFL, Basketball, Netball, Cricket, Volleyball, Baseball and Waterpolo.

Common sporting finger injuries include fractures, ligament tears and tendon tears. Did you
know that there are 25 bones in each hand! Fingers and thumbs are so important in
tag/touch sports and also in everyday life. It is important to see a physiotherapist about
your hand injury early because some injuries can lead to longer-term damage if not
managed properly early on. Conditions such as osteoarthritis are very common later in life
in tag/touch players when the injury wasn’t managed correctly in the first place. This can
cause a lot of grief and pain down the track and stop players from playing the game that
they love.

The more serious injuries to look out for are conditions such as jersey finger, mallet finger
and complicated fractures. Jersey finger occurs when a player is gripping something, eg. a
tag or jersey, and then the fingers are forced backwards. This causes the flexor tendon(s) in
the hands to rupture from its attachment points on the fingertip. These injuries need to be
managed by a Physiotherapist and surgeon ASAP as if left untreated can cause lots of
complications. The common ligaments in the finger that get damaged in sports include the
collateral ligaments and the volar plate which support each joint (knuckle) in your finger.

Mallet finger is another common injury in tagging and ball sports. These injuries commonly
happen when the fingertip is struck by a ball. In tagging sports, these can also happen when
reaching for a tag and hitting your finger on another player’s hip. A mallet finger is where
the tendon that straightens the finger is torn. If left untreated you can lose the ability to
straighten the tip of your finger. It is important to see a Physiotherapist who can make a
splint for your finger. At performance Edge Physiotherapy we can assess your injury and
make you a custom-made thermoplastic splint that fits you perfectly. Most often you will
need to wear the splint and keep your finger straight for 6 weeks.

If you have a new or old hand or finger injury book an appointment today at Performance
Edge Physiotherapy for a full assessment and treatment to ensure you can get back to
playing the sports that you love.

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